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 Responsible Gambling

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General Tips for Managing Online Gambling

  • Only use trusted gambling websites that have pre-set limit features.
  • Think about your limit in advance. Reputable online gambling sites let you monitor your spending, so you know if what you’re spending is inline with your budget.
  • Be realistic about risky times when you might gamble more than you budgeted.
  • Be aware of your limits for alcohol and other substances while you gamble.
  • Read the fine print about the costs of using your credit card when you play.
  • You can block sites you don’t want to have access to on your own or by using software.

Depending on your country of origin and the country where the establishment operates there are web sites and organizations that provide help and information, such as :


Get confidential online support and free counselling from the UK's leading provider of support and advice for gambling.



This service aimed particularly at young people helps you get support relating to gambling either for yourself or someone you care about.


Gamblers Anonymous

Get online support from people going through the same thing as you.


Gambling Therapy

You can contact Gambling Therapy for advice and support even if you're outside the UK.